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Remember the old phrase I will meet you at the water cooler for a cup of coffee ? If not then you never tried coffeeorganicGo Americas simplest way to make and enjoy a great cup of coffee In seconds ,you simply tear the notch on the pack pour In a cup add hot water stir & serve there are 5 varieties & all products are made with 100 % pure organic coffee . Hi this message is for the buyer or CEO of your company . My name Is Gary Colonna am the President & founder of Coffee OrganicGo we are the makers of single serve coffee pouches and Ice coffee mixes we use only organic coffee & organic sugar In our mixes that are premixed & premeasured . We found using a water cooler with a hot water side works fantastic when activating , our product and adds a quick and convenient way for our customers to make there hot and cold beverages. We truly believe that our product with your company goes hand & hand . I included a short video demonstrating how easy it is to make a hot cup of coffee and cold glass of iced coffee . Our coffee would be a wonderful add on to your current water business & would also increase water consumption during those winter months when sales may not be as busy as one might expect ,I understand there are many water companies supplying coffee for there customers but are they using your water to activate there coffee? Since our last conversation we added special displays for water coolers, this gives your customers with very little counter space a great way to use our product. Please Copy And Paste This Link Below Coffee OrganicGo 18 Washington Way Kingston NH 03848 877 800-8659 Thank You Hope to be sending samples real soon

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