Meat and Poultry

Street: 910 West Main
City: Russellville
State: AR
Postcode: 72801
Direct Number: (479) 968-1777
Company Info: (PSI) Poultry Specialties Incorporated has been in business since 1979 and has developed a impeccable reputation throughout the industry. We specialize in all categories of poultry; retail, food service, industrial, export, professional sales and procurement services. Our product line completely covers all Chicken/Turkey , Fresh/Frozen, whole or parts. If you could send specifics on any of your products we will promptly and professionally assist you with obtaining them with the absolute best pricing and service available on the market.
City: Vernon
State: CA
Direct Number: (800) 336-3844
City: Pittsburg
State: TX
Direct Number: 888-536-1510
Street: 36 Sweyn Road
City: Cliftonville
State: England
Postcode: CT9 2DD
Direct Number: 07825395394
Company Info: JC Rook and Sons is a family owned meat trading business that has its deep rooted connections dating back to 18th century. Started by Jospeh Christmas Rook with a single shop in Dover in 1965, In a short span of 50 years, JC Rook and Sons has grown to be a popular name for meat trade in the whole of the United Kingdom. Over 50 years, JC Rook and Sons has a built a reputation and fame of its own and is proud to be able to win the confidence of its loyal customers by providing quality food and friendly customer service. With years of experience and value ingrained into this family run business, we want to reach a greater customer base who prefer the convenience of online shopping and nationwide home delivery.
Street: Unit 3 First Avenue
City: Chester Le Street
State: County Durham
Postcode: DH2 1AG
Direct Number: + 44 191 492 3909
Company Info: Istanbul Meats provides premium quality Doner Kebab Meat, Shish Kebab meat, Halal Burgers and Halal Mince meat to a large client base, consisting of a combination of commercial food distributors and wholesalers, both nationally and internationally. With a commitment to providing a constantly high quality product, by using only the finest quality ingredients, rigorous quality control measures and an emphasis on customer satisfaction, the company has grown organically, through recommendation and word of mouth since 1990. As a friendly, family run business, we can work with you to provide meat that your customers will love, wherever you are in the world.
City: VanWert
State: OH
Direct Number: 419-238-4056