Street: 1238 E. Inman parkway
City: Beloit
State: WI
Postcode: 53511
Direct Number: 8155090501
Company Info: We are a manufacturer of Bio-augmentation products. Our kitchen products are designed to break down the fats, oil and grease and get rid of the odors in your sinks, drains, and grease traps. Ridding your kitchen of the horrible smells associated with grease built ups, as well as saving your restaurant money from the cost of pumping out the grease trap. We also manufacture chemical free cleaning supplies for all purpose cleaning and restroom maintenance.
Street: 1340 Specialty Dr
City: Vista
State: CA
Postcode: 92081
Direct Number: 087 643 9623
Company Info: Industrial Instant Electric Steam Cleaning Equipment. Conserve water and eliminate chemical costs. Environmentally and financially perfect method. No fumes or exhaust, all electric combination of either steam or hot water high pressure in one unit. Mobile or stationary. Extremely little cost to use and maintain. 20 year lifetime expectancy on all equipment. Please see or in Europe
State: FL
Direct Number: 805-466-4709
Company Info: Manufacturer of absorbents for spill clean-up, also safety products and protective clothing.
State: MI
Direct Number: 800- 253-9638
State: Texas
Direct Number: 210-227-3779
Company Info: High quality dispensing systems for the foodservice industry.